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Who We Are

LiveWell Family Chiropractic is a Health and Wellness Centre dedicated at improving and maximising your body’s functional capacity! 

Situated in the heart of Hampton, we strive to find the solutions not only to move you out of particular pain states but to identify the triggers in which may cause you pain. 

We are primarily a Chiropractic practice as we see the spine and spinal abnormalities as one of the primary reasons in which why people would experience pain whether it be acute of chronic. We also provide advice on exercise, nutrition and diet to help to maintain and sustain your improvements long term.

We also offer supportive services such as Remedial Massage and Myotherapy.


Searching for a local Chiropractor near you?

Centrally located in Small Street Hampton, LiveWell Family Chiropractic is conveniently located in between Beach Road and Hampton Street. 

We are here to service the local Bayside and South-Eastern community and abroad. 




(03) 9995 8164

4a Small Street, Hampton VIC 3188

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