Remedial and Sports Massage

Remedial Massage

At LiveWell Family Chiropractic, our mission is to provide individualised care plans to help move you back to your best health.

With the core Chiropractic aim to improve spinal joint movement and function we found the need to also have Remedial Massage Therapy and Myotherapy to cater for all your musculoskeletal issues.

Patients have found that combining the two modalities has led to faster healing and improved health. Thus, it is not uncommon for some Remedial Massage/Myotherapy to be recommended to help supplement your Chiropractic adjustments.

Some Benefits of Massage:

  • Stimulate Blood Flow
    • Tight and overactive muscles can exert excessive force down on veins, this impedes blood circulation. Blood circulation is necessary to supply oxygen to working muscles but also necessary to remove metabolic wastes especially lactic acid.
  • Release Muscle Tension and Trigger Points
    • Muscle tension can develop over time in muscles when over used or used incorrectly. This can lead to “knots” or “trigger points” forming as muscles try and compensate for the overuse or incorrect use. By massaging these areas improved movement and reduced pain levels can be achieved.
  • Allow Joints to Move More Freely
    • By improving blood flow and alleviating muscular tension to muscles we allow the joints in which the muscles are attached to move more freely increasing overall range of movement post treatment.
  • Allow Correct Muscle Healing
    • Muscles are like elastics or rubber bands. They can stretch and lengthen but when moved excessively or inappropriately can also be stretched beyond what they are physically capable.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage when utilised effectively and efficiently is a great and effective way to prevent and decrease injury but also used to optimise performance. Some of the core benefits and reasons to have a Sports Massage include:

  • Assisting in maintaining healthy blood flow to muscles and connective tissue.
  • Maintain flexibility and lengthening of muscular fibres, tendons and ligaments.
  • Allow full range of movement within a pain free pain free range.
  • Correcting any muscular imbalances.

Our patients typically in the lead up to an event such as Run Melbourne, Melbourne Marathon, Peaks Challenge or Around the Bay seek a sports massage to help manage any muscle tenderness or pain that has occurred during their training regime. 

Sports Massage has also been used in the recovery phase. 


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