Cycling Performance and Chiropractic

Cycling and Chiropractic. With summer now upon us. Criterium racing in Melbourne is at its peak. Whether you’re pinning a number on at Sandown, The Teardrop, St Kilda or Glenvale there’s almost a race on every day of the week.

These races favour the sprinters and with every second, stroke and effort counting towards positioning yourself towards that final straight. We must consider what is required to not only win, but also allow your body to recover adequately. Cyclist all look at obtaining an edge by having the most aerodynamic or lightweight frame, wheels and attire and forking out thousands on power meters but what is the primary power source driving the bike… YOUR body!

With the repetitive nature of cycling and the amount of time a cyclist can spend in the saddle the smallest spinal misalignment can cause devastating effects. Spinal misalignments lead to postural instability, pelvic instability, muscle fatigue and increased tension in joints ligaments and tendons throughout.  To put in perspective postural and pelvic instability commonly lead to leg length inequality which effects the pedal stroke as you are effectively riding with unequal crank arms. Think about the pressure that is placing on your knees, hips, gluteals and hamstrings.

Make sure your body is moving as efficiently as possible. 

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