Cycling Dynamics and Chiropractic Care

Suffering from general Aches and Pains whilst Cycling?

General aches and pains whilst cycling can associated with all cyclist, whether or not you are a weekend social cyclist or you have been committed to your training plans and have been riding consistently through winter it does not mean you are not susceptible to injury, aches and pain. Why you may ask yourself? Is it the bike? Is it the sport? Could it possibly be me? Should I try something different or should I do something about it so I can regain enjoyment in cycling?

We Are Here to Help!

As a Chiropractor whom has a special interest in cycling and cyclist and yes cycles, the generation of injuries are quiet often due to previous injuries that have not resolved and therefore re-injured. You may tell yourself “But this is the first time I have experienced this pain before”. This is commonly the case.

Cycling is an awesome sport to get into. Why? It isn’t as stressful on the joints of your lower limb and back as its non-weight bearing and there are minimal compressive forces acting on the body.

So how do injuries occur? Repetition!

The generation of either new injuries or the exacerbation of existing injuries comes about by the constant wearing of bony surfaces under load and driven by constant repetition. 

Think About Your HIPS?

Here is a way you can look at it. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint which is paramount and plays a crucial role in your pedal stroke. Under normal conditions this joint will rotate nicely allowing for your smooth and efficient pedal stroke and power generation. But if you had an pre-exisitng injury or dysfunction in the lower back, hip, knee, ankle or even foot this can cause compensatory changes within the hip.

Now pain might not be and most commonly isn’t the first thing you feel. Why? The body is amazing at trying to correct and self-regulate, thus it makes compensatory changes to not experience pain but this can effect movement, flexibility and eventually performance. Your hip is like the axle of your wheel. So what happens when your wheel is out of alignment? The car still runs and you might not even experience a noise coming from it but the wear of the axle and tyre will be effected. So if you’re telling yourself “I’m sure it’ll go away” or “It’s not that bad” its better to be proactive and preventative than reactive. 

Remember Who Powers Your Bike!

So regardless on whether or not you occasional fair-weather rider, social spinner, a serious racer or a professional, your bike doesn’t move without you. We at times all fall guilty in splurging on the latest bikes, equipment and technology looking for those marginal gains and overlook the main thing that will actually improve your experience and speed. YOU! So next time you book your bike in for a service and clean make yourself a time for your next physical assessment and tune-up. 

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