Spring Clean Time! Does the thought give your back Pain?

We are a month away from summer. Where has the year gone. Despite what some mornings have offered over the last fortnight, the weather’s getting warmer, flowers are blooming and we are all starting to become more active! Whether it’s dusting off the old sneakers and re-introducing yourself to the run group you went missing from over winter or simply doing some Spring cleaning. The dreaded weekly housework at this time of year becomes more apparent as we are getting home from work and light is still shining on all those things we thought could wait till later, so when does the big clean begin? Are we fearful of the aches, pains and strains on our spine can easily occur from simply getting started?


It was noted that in 2015, 3.7 million Australians experienced lower back pain, with some of the contributing factors being simple everyday activities.

Vacuuming, mopping, washing windows, reaching for cobwebs and even washing dishes can add extra strain on the spine. How? The forward movement and bad habit of bending at the waist or having poor posture while performing repetitive movements can cause acute bouts of aches and pains in the lower back.

Giving up housework altogether however isn’t always an option. Yes, we can acquire help or hire a cleaner (some of us dream of such an opportunity), but let’s go through

Warmup – This is an easy one but often one we neglect. Now instead of thinking we are simply wasting our time doing a couple of quick stretches and slowly getting into it. Imagine how much slower or time you would waste if you injured yourself or re-aggravated a previous injury. Simple stretches, a gentle walk or beginning with smaller tasks which do not involve overhead reaching will also help.

Share/Reduce the load – Reduce strain on your spine whilst cleaning by making sure that when lifting or moving heavier objects from the ground or simply picking up buckets using all the muscles in your lower limb to pick them up rather than the muscles in your lower back!

Straighten Up – Keeping an upright posture when standing for prolonged periods of time will also help. Whether or not you’re doing the dishes, wiping the cupboards or cleaning the oven make sure you’re engaging your core stabilizing muscles and reducing the load on your spine, particularly your lower back.

Having the Right Tools they say a good tradesman never blames his tools. Now this may be correct in some respects but when doing your spring clean, reduce the potential stress and strain on your body by ensuring you have the right tools and cleaning products at hand.

Our team at LiveWell Family Chiropractic can help if you are finding it difficult or have existing aches and pains in which you would like to have assessed. With a holistic approach and individualised plans, we are dedicated in helping not only restore your body’s best health but to also give you the confidence to perform tasks without the thought of pain.

Australian chiropractors see up to 300,000 people each week, so chiropractic care may be a great option for you to help keep your spine moving well too.

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