COVID-19 Lockdown Update: July 2020

Dear Patients,

With the unfortunate second wave of of COVID-19 in Victoria and reinstated Stage 3 Lockdown measures in force from Wednesday 8th July we are happy to inform you that the LiveWell Family Chiropractic will continue to operate.

We have been informed by our national boards ACA (Australian Chiropractors Association) and MMA (Massage & Myotherapy Australia) that we are exempted from new Lockdown measures.

Your health and welfare is our number one priority. We have been and will continue to be  extremely diligent and taking all necessary measures to make sure we are providing a safe environment.

The practice understand that patients are concerned of coming into contact with the virus as we are in direct contact and have face-to-face consultations. We have surgical masks at the practice which we are happy to wear during your consultations.

Chiropractic Care and Remedial/Sports Massage 

Continuing Through New Lockdown 


We will continue to uphold the necessary measures to ensure that each patient whom presents to the practice is safe and not taking any risks of contracting the virus. These measures include:

  • Sanitizing equipment, treatment tables and treatment rooms in between all appointments.
  • All practitioners washing their hands and sanitizing their hands in between every patient.
  • Cleaning of EFTPOS terminals and door handles after each consultation and transaction.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support.

Opening Hours Monday:                  7-12pm   &   3-7pm Tuesday:                 7-12pm Wednesday:                            1-7pm Thursday:                7-12pm   &   3-7pm Friday:                  9-1pm Saturday:                8-12pm