Screen Time and Your Spine

In our day-to-day lives we are constantly confronted with stressful conditions, whether it is from an emotional, nutritional, physical or traumatic source we all suffer each day. Physical stresses such as Postural stress is so common especially within the workstation. This can not only lead to poor productivity but also will have detrimental effects on your spinal health. The average Australian spends 12 hours a day sitting, increasing to over 15 hours a week for fulltime workers.

Studies have also shown that even people who are physically active and exercise regularly can still suffer from the effects of poor prolonged postures. As a Chiropractor I see the damaging effects of these poor postures not only in adults but also in school children across all ages. 

In an age where hand held devices are used by everyone and long periods of time, there is no wonder why more and more patients develop pain, stiffness and tenderness through their neck and shoulders. Improving your spinal health and function and understanding what can be done to reduce the load and stress through your spine is paramount to health.

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