Core Stability For Cyclists

Core stability is a term commonly thrown around the coffee table at a café when identifying why cyclist experience lower back pain and even knee pain whilst riding.

So what is core stability?

Personally, core stability refers to your inner abdominal muscles (no not your washboard abs) and how they work with your trunk, lower back, hips and pelvis when moving and stationary.

When cycling these muscles should be activated and used throughout the pedal stroke. Whether you’re in the hoods, drops or TT bars the way in which these muscles can be activated and co-contract will not only help you maintain balance on the bike but allow for efficient power transfer.

In a study by Burnett et al (2004) it was concluded that those cyclists who had an inability to control the movement and position of their lower back whilst riding had higher incidences of lower back pain and discomfort through the lower limb.

So with that in mind core stability and training should be a part of any cyclists training regime no matter the experience or ability of the rider.

The 3 main core stability exercises we recommend for Cyclists

  1. Leg Lowers
  2. Jack Knifes
  3. Side Planks

As core stabilising muscles should be activated and co-contracted for prolonged periods the aim of developing endurance through these muscles should be your focus. Beginning with a higher frequency and shorter rest periods will help improve overall endurance in these muscles. Note all of these exercises should be performed in functional neutral.

For any assistance on how to perform these exercises please call (03) 9995 8164.

Looking forward to seeing you out on Beach Road.


  1. Antonio Blay

    A good chiropractor will work on loosening up your muscles first, so they don’t pull the correction back out of place. I once saw a chiro who didn’t and my back went back out within five minutes of leaving his office!

    1. LiveWell Family Chiropractic

      Hi Antonio. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. We absolutely agree with your view on loosening muscles first! David our Chiropractor always implements a degree of soft tissue work with his patients to make sure your experience does not occur. Feel free to give us a call or email if there is anything else you would like some help or assistance with.

      Yours in Health and Wellness

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